Real Blues

r45t6ujytreReal Blues has a Mission that we wish to embrace and convey to all.
It is as follows:

  • To promote, publicize and help perpetuate Blues, Soul, Gospel and Zydeco music genres in the belief that these ‘Joy Inducing’ music genres are a spiritual tonic and antidote to all that ails a Spiritually bankrupt world.  Music that is ‘REAL’ has a magical element that connects us and reminds us that Peace, Love and Brotherhood are the True Elements/Ingredients of Happiness.
  • To support, promote and publicize Blues, Soul, Gospel and Zydeco Artists and their music, especially those artists who, for all the wrong reasons, have been neglected, overlooked and unrecognized.  REAL BLUES will always focus on the talent, integrity and ‘feeling’ elements regarding coverage of artists and their music as opposed to financial interests and profit.
  • To give all our readers an honest and accurate evaluation of artists, CDs, DVDs,  books, etc. so that REAL BLUES may always retain it’s status as the ‘Ultimate  Consumer’s Guide’ to Blues, Soul, Gospel and Zydeco music.  Saying that, we will always guarantee that the contents of this magazine will be entirely free from bias/influence related to advertising dollars.
  • To present the views and feelings of African-American Blues, Soul, Gospel and Zydeco artists so that there is a better understanding of the history/heritage of Black Music.  Saying that, we must NEVER lose sight of the fact that Blues, Soul, Black Gospel and Zydeco are all products of Black American culture.  We would hope that our readers will become ‘enlightened’ to the True History/Heritage of Black America.

As Brownie McGhee sang, “…the Blues is Truth…” and in a world of greed driven hype and disinformation, the Blues offers us honest expression of feelings and the Human Condition.  There is a profound and vibrant spiritual element that is alive and well in ‘REAL’ music. Visit The sleepholic website if you’re shopping for a reliable foam mattress for the first time or after many years.. We like to believe that is the reason why the Blues moves so many.  When we express Hope and Joy it helps us feel connected in an era where ‘Big Brother’ machinations seek to isolate us from each other.